Throughout my whole life, even after my world travels including Germany, Norway & Sweden, I have been the only Britta I have ever met in person. This is still technically true, since I haven’t actually met any of the following people face to face, but until I put up the original website back in 1996, I never realized how many Brittas there really are in this small world of ours!

I was often asked how I got my name, which inspired me to put up my What’s in a Name? page. Since more and more Brittas ask about nicknames, I also added the Nicknames of Brittas Worldwide page.

For many years, I manually posted emails I got from other Brittas on a webpage, but eventually life got too busy.  Now you can post a comment here to join with the Brittas of the World!

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  1. Welcome to all the Brittas of the World! :)

    • Britta MacDonell

      Hey! My name is Britta, my middle name being Elizabeth. Raise your hand if you get called “water filter” on a regular basis! (Probably all of you are raising your hands…) It’s not even SPELLED THE SAME!
      Oh well.
      I am curious to know how many of us there are. Personally, I love my name. I enjoy having a unique name; it makes me feel special. ^.^ My parents chose it for me because I have Scandinavian and Celtic ancestry.
      So do tell…why were you named Britta? :)

      • Aloha I am Britta Helena Jacobson my grandmother was Britta Lena she came to the US in the 1800 she and her husband Oscar Jacobson survived the fire and earthquake in San Fran. I live in Kona Hawaii lucky yah;]

      • Hey my name is Britta Lorene Gabriel. I was named after my mother’s great great great great great grandmother from norway. They said it a bit differently, but it sounds like the Brita filter water. (which in 2nd grade I spelled it Brita one time for fun, but I was told that was incorrect.) That is how I tell people my name so it is easier to remember “Britta Like the filter water”. Yes I was called filter water, aquafina, and Fil for short for Filter water. My ethnicity is Polynesian (hawaiian) Dutch, and German. I was adopted at 7 weeks old. my mom that raised me is 100% Norwegian.

      • I hated my name when I was little because people ALWAYS pronounced it wrong and it was so different to everyone else’s and, of course, when you’re young you just want to fit in. :(

        Since the creation of the Brita Water filter system, I reference to it to get people to pronounce my name correctly. Its been great for me in that regard.

        Now that I’m much older, I LOVE my name for the exact reason I hated it when it was young – just because it IS different. :)

    • Britta Lee Erickson

      I have met only a few Britta’s, and I have always been glad to have an unusual name. I am named Britta Lee after my grandmother, Bertha Lee, who told my parents Bertha was too old-fashioned a name for a little baby. I’ve never understood why people have a hard time pronouncing Britta, as it is pronounced (at least for those of us with the short i pronunciation) exactly how you would guess it would be. When I was little our neighbors called me Gretchen! But I have wound up being fine with whatever people come up with, except I hate the water filter thing. There is another woman a little younger than I am named Britta Erickson, living in Denver. I almost met her through mutual friends when I visited Denver, but she was busy that day. She runs the film festival there. I am a specialist in contemporary Chinese art. At least when people search for us on Google there is not much chance of getting us mixed up! I knew a Swedish woman named Birgitta who told me Britta was short for Birgitta.

    • Wow! My name is Britta Jane Reynolds! And I live in Australia, my parents named me after Britta England (I think that was her surname) on Days of our Lives. I have never met another Britta

    • My name is Britta Lynne parents got my name from an episode of Days of Our Lives.Britta was Dating Patch. I have had a few nick names. I have been called water filter a lot. When I tell people my name they question me and always ask “like the Britta water filter.I’ve also been called Britty because of my name. I had a Grandparent named Helen that died in April of 2014. She ment the world to me. She taught me how to play Silent Night on the electric organ.I am from Pennsylvania. I have ment 3 Britta’s in person. I am 21 and was born May 20th. Not many people appreciate the fact that I have a unique name. I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.

    • How great. I found this page by accident and love it. I am born 1986, originally from Germany but live in Australia at the moment where everybody seems to make a “Britney” or “Brittany” out of my beautiful name. Yes the water filter thing is getting annoying over the years. I only ever met two other Britta’s in my life, one human, the other a camel. lol.
      I don’t know why I got the name but now I am curious and will find out. :)

  2. I really like the marauders map yuo did, it was really nice!

  3. I love the fact that we are both Britta, and apparantly, love to bake!

  4. I was named Britta after my parents went on a trip to germany and there waitress was named Britta.

    Great Page! I love all the baking.
    glad its christmas time…it’s the baking season.

    Britta Stanley
    oF Beaumont Texas

  5. I just met by first Britta a month or so ago and we almost hugged each other it was so exciting. hah–why is that?? it’s strange to me how few of us there are.. even in Pittsburgh they are so few and far between. more power to us!! also, love the harry potter stuff on here-very nice=]

  6. Hi my name is Britta. This name mostly Norwegian/ Swedish, and German. If you go to these countries a lot of people will be named Britta.

  7. This is awesome!
    I was born overseas, in Denmark where my Dad stationed in the US Navy.
    Mom and Dad gave me a name to reflect my birthplace … and I hated it!
    I wanted to be called ‘Brittay’ until high school… then I realized how much I truly loved my name!!
    I met one Britta in college, she was my floormate’s cousin… We kind of thought it was awkward. I still do! 😉

    However, this is sweet! A whole website devoted to us! *yay*

  8. hi, my name is Britta too and I already met a lot Brittas, but I never knew that my name is all over the world. By the way I am from Germany and it is funny how different the name was pronounced in an other country. In England they could not say it so they called me Belitta instead.

  9. Hello,

    my name is also Britta i was born in the netherlands en live my life there stil!
    I wanted to be calles christa, but that was in my earlyar years….
    No i am happy with my name.

    with love,

  10. I have never heard of another Britta until now that is crazy I love my name due to I was the only one I ever knew to have it!!!

  11. Hi! My name is Brita, only spelled with one ‘T’. I’ve never actually met someone who spelled it this way, but I’ve met people that spell it Britta. My parents named me Brita because of my Swedish heritage.

  12. Wow.

    Your website is amazing.
    i thought i would be the only Britta in Switzerland. Maybe i am. but now, there’s a whole website about us! i can’t believe it! “yay”

    i would really like to meet another Britta. I have never met another Britta before. I’m looking forward to it.

    i think, i’ll call my baby also Britta, then i would know one Britta.

    However, i wish you a wonderful day BRITTA. (i still can’t believe that i’m writing to another Britta, that’s so exciting.)


    • Hi, there

      In fact, there are 648 Brittas in Switzerland, making it the 768th most popular Name in Switzerland. Yep, Switzerland does capture and publish such info.

      Brit on!

  13. i love this website its so cool ive only met 2 other brittas and they are all way older than friends usally call me brit or brit brit.

  14. This is too weird haha! I’m Britta from Estonia :) Guess my parents just liked the sound of the name. There seems to be more and more Brittas each year.

  15. Hi!
    My name is Britta and my parents found it in a Norwegian name book. I’ve never met another Britta before. I found out that Britta mean noble, i thought that was cool.

  16. Hey other Brittas! I, too, have only met one other ‘double T’ Britta in my life. Funnily enough, also an art history student. My name comes from my great-great grandmother.

  17. Hey, such a great website!
    I am a Britta from Estonia though currently living in England. My name comes from Astrid Lindgren’s “The Children of Bullerby”, which used to be my dad’s childhood book, as well as a really lovely cake called “Brita cake” (I know it’s single T, but it is redeemed by the taste). The name is not uncommon in Estonia, but I do have occasional trouble here when introducing myself – too often it sounds like I’m just very enthusiastic about ‘Britain’. But then we can talk about water filters and all is well again.

  18. I am American but of Swedish descent. I have had to put up with being called Brenda, Brittany, Bridget, Brigetta, Bree, Peanut Brittle, Encylopedia Brittanica, Water Filter, and others but I would not change my name for all the Lutfisk in Stockholm.

  19. My parents said if i were a gurlll they would have named me britta. They really like water filters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolz!!!!

    luv ya britta!!!! 😛 :) :p :)

  20. Hi!

    I’m from Sweden. My grannies name was Britt and my cousines name is Birgitta. In Sweden, Britta is an old peoples name so I haven’t met many Brittas in my own age (35).

    I made a list on Twitter called ‘Brittas on Twitter’ since I found a lot of other Brittas there and thought it was fun. My Twitternick is @brittablomma. Feel free to follow! :)

    Love from Sweden,


  21. hi,

    I was looking for Britta water filtration systems and found u instead. Pretty cool site, Britta!

  22. Hello, fellow Brittas! Heck, there are even a few Britta Petersons here!

    My mother’s family is of Norwegian heritage, thus the name. Like others who have posted here I have been called Bridgette, Brittany, Greta, Gretel, and many others. And of course people have to ask, “Like the water filter?” when they meet me. Really? So SO clever…yawn!

    • I know, that’s the first thing everyone thinks of! Whatever, though. I get a laugh out of it. Sometimes people can’t remember my name and I’ll get Bridget, which I like too…

  23. Hi, fellow Brittas!

    I can’t get over seeing my name this many times on one webpage. Every time I see it in print, I get a little shiver… I’m not used to it! Does anybody here watch “Community”? If not, it’s a hilarious show… and there’s a character on it named Britta! Two T’s and all. Glad we’re getting some exposure in popular culture. And I’ve gotta say, I love hearing my name said on TV.

    I’m 23, I live in PA, and my name is of vague origins. My mom picked it, and she’s a mongrel: a bit Swedish, a bit German, a bit Irish… and my dad’s half Ukrainian, half Irish (I think) so I don’t think my name comes from either of their heritages. From what I understand, my mom heard it somewhere, liked it, and named me. It may or may not have been a family friend’s dog’s name.

    I love my name! Britta Rose Fogerty, in its entirety. Glad to have read all of your stories!

  24. Britta Scheunemann

    Hello fellow Britta’s and water filter sufferers! I only met one other Britta in my lifetime in Germany, where I am from. I know live in Florida and have not met a single one.
    This site is really cool!

  25. Hey!

    My name is Britta Nichole Smith! My mom named me after her favorite character in a German Soap Opera. She is fluent in German and gnw name just stuck! I love it! No one ever forgets me :)

  26. Never knew that there were so many other people named Britta out there. Hi all.

  27. Never knew that there were so many other people named Britta out there. Hi all. Nice to meet you. :-)

  28. Hello brittas!!! I have known and met about 4 brittas in my lifetime!! One was a year ahead of me in high school and we actually moved to that school the same year and another was a town over! I am from North Dakota. Icelandic and norwegin origin. My mother got my name from days of our lives back in the 80s. I was going to be Ashley and when I came out was not a Ashley. She saw Britta on the show and that was that!!! I always get the water filter or is it short for something! Nope just Britta!!! Lol. I found this from a little game on Facebook where you out your name and then .com after and see what you get! Pretty cool! :). Btw the Britta that was before me in school her last name was Peterson! I saw a few had mentioned that being pretty popular! Lol

  29. hi I’m Britta Jean from Louisiana. Currently traveling gypsy. I never met another Britta before!

  30. I live in Texas.
    I also got my name from a great, great, great grandmother.
    from Norway.

    Any Britta’s in TEXAS.
    I think I’m the only one.

    feel free to email me

    • I’m Britta Helayne Sjogren and I live in Texas too! My mother named me after my great, great, great, great grandmother from Sweden.

  31. Britta Blente Heeks

    Hey … I am from Denmark and I have encountered quite a few girls named Britta. We were three at highschool for example.

  32. Hello. Along with 99% of the people posting here, my name is Britta Rose. My parents named me after a sweet Scandinavian girl the knew from church in hopes I would turn out like her. I never met her and was told it didn’t work, I am the youngest of 5, the baby of the family, so sweet was not my way. I was born and raised and still live in Southern California. I to have never met another Britta but of course know others who know a Britta.

  33. Britta Jordan (nee Quinlan)

    Hi Britta’s!
    I’m Britta Rowena Alison Quinlan(now Jordan) and from Australia.
    I have never met another Britta but I have met a Brit.
    My parents named me Britta because my mum is Swedish and it’s a popular name there.

  34. Britta Bousba (nee Jensen)

    Hi Brittas

    I’m Britta Bousba, born Jensen, originally from Denmark – where I’ve met a lot of Brittas :-) but now live in Belgium and have done so for the last 32½ years, for work.

    I’ve met Danish, Swedish and German Brittas, but I suppose most of you have Scandinavian ancestors to have this name :-)

  35. I’m not sure if I count. My full name is actually Brittany, but I acquired the nickname Britta in college over 10 years ago. I’d never heard it before and didn’t know any other Brittas, but I always hated the name Brittany and loved being called Britta! My heritage is Norwegian and German, and my husbands family is of German decent, so I feel like Britta fits really well with my married name “Menzel.” I have actually started looking into legally changing my name to Britta.

  36. Oh my gosh this is the best site ever! I love that everyone is mentioning being called water filter as a child! You are not alone! My name is Britta Noel Jones. I have met two other Brittas in my life. I live in California. I am 85% German so that some what influenced where the name came from but my parents got it from when they were dating, they went to a restaurant called Britta’s Cafe. I absolutely LOVE my name always have. I also hate it when people call me Brittany I don’t know if anyone else feels that way, maybe it’s just because I love having a unique name and Brittany is so plain and common.

  37. Hi,my name is also Britta. I have never in my life (of 17 years) met another person with the same name as me. I live in Bergen in norway. My parents named me Britta because my great grandmothers name was Brita, and when they where in sweeden thay met a very nice woman named Britta.To me Britta is an old name and manual people past 30-40 is named Britta, but I am only 17.

  38. Wow, hello to all the Britta’s out there. Had no idea there were so many. This is pretty neat. Born n raised in the united states, and from Ohio. I was named after a young lady off a soap show… I had never been fond of my name because people had so many ugly jokes. I have learned to embrace my name because it is so unique and its not heard too much.

  39. Britta Funderburg

    My name is Britta Elisabeth. I live in this South US glad to see so many of you here!

  40. Britta Boserup

    Hi to all the Britta’s of the World! I was born in Denmark and still live here. Acording to the national departement of statistics we are currently 6639 persons in Denmark with the name Britta! I have met 7 of them. Since 2003 none has been named Britta in Denmárk.

  41. Hi y’all,
    My name is Britta. Middle name being Felicitas. I was born and raised in Germany, but am now living in Switzerland where Britta is VERY uncommon. So I have a lot of spelling to do. :)

    • P.S.: Britta is a little more common in Germany, bit not super common. However we’ve managed to be 5 Brittas (born between 1982 – 1986) in my athletics club.

  42. Britta Elizabeth

    Hi, I’m Britta. I have also been called water filter and british britta. ITS NOT SHORT FOR BRIDGET!!!

  43. Hello Britta’s of the World – I am Britta Katrin, and I live in Maine, USA, and am of Swedish and German descent. I have met only one other Britta in person, and she was a Brita, I believe (one t). I of course get ‘water filter’ all the time, but more often I am called Brittany, which drives me bonkers. I’ve always loved having a relatively unique name (although in this company that clearly does not apply).

  44. I am expecting a baby girl in a few weeks who we plan to name Britta, i think it’s a lovely name and I want to be sure my daughters have names that are more unique than my own (Lauren…. I am always one of many everywhere I go). My older daughter is Anneliese. You are all lucky to have such a pretty name!

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