Cruise to the Bahamas 2008

leaving soon

27 January 2008

I’ve never been in my cube at work in the middle of the night before, let alone on a weekend! In about an hour I’ll be sharing a cab to SFO with co-workers as we take our flight to Miami for this year’s kickoff trip. Last year was Vegas, and this year they say it’s cheaper to send us on a cruise to the Bahamas instead! We sail from Miami on Monday, Nassau on Tuesday, private Royal Caribbean island Coco Cay on Wednesday, Key West on Thursday, then fly from Miami back home on Friday. Except for Key West we don’t have any personal free time on shore, so it doesn’t look like I’ll get the chance to swim with dolphins at Nassau…too bad since I’ve always wanted to do that! I do wish I felt acceptable-looking in any swimsuit, but c’est la vie since there’s nothing I can do about that right now anyway. Since I don’t need it and connectivity is so expensive, I am NOT bringing a computer with me, which feels very strange. I think the last flight I took where I did not bring my own laptop was September 2005 to Scotland & London! Needless to say, live updates from at sea will be unlikely, unless I find some time and feel like paying a few $$ for a quick post. We’ll see how it goes. If not, see you Friday!

P.S. Since it just was a matter of plugging the power back in, the KittenCam is working again for anyone who would like to peek at Ebony & Onyx. After a week with no accidents that I could find, Ebony peed on the down comforter again just as I was leaving the house tonight, so it’s been cleaned best it can for now, doused with enzyme and with a rag towel over it, and the comforter is staying there as a barrier against my actual bedspread or linens being ruined if she decides she’s punishing me. The joys of being a kitty mom! 😛

Back from the Bahamas

4 February 2008

Friday was such an exhausting day of travel to get back home, I just did my trip laundry & tried to unwind with my kitties, then slept in Saturday. Ebony must be upset with me since Cyd verified no more accidents happened while I was gone, but as soon as I got home, Ebony peed on the down comforter again, then again Saturday morning on a replacement comforter after we got up, then after a one-hour afternoon shopping trip for groceries, she peed on my velvet bedspread and my sheets! *sigh* My “relaxing” day was doing many loads of laundry instead of organizing photos and writing up my trip. I did go to the Jack Conway Trio’s gig Saturday night, and thankfully no more accidents that evening or today, so maybe my “punishment” is over. I’ve been re-reading the book my old roommate gave me many years ago “Is Your Cat Crazy” of case studies by an animal behaviorist/cat therapist, in case that gives me any clues. So far it doesn’t seem to have a situation that fits Ebony, but I’ll keep reading.

Enough of kitty messes, and back to my trip recap! I have now posted my photos in my gallery, and you can keep reading below for more details. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, very very nice to get away from the cold & rain at home, I successfully paced my drinking & partying so I remember everything and was tired but not hungover, my small part of our group presentation went well on Thursday morning, with people actually laughing at my jokes, and my favorite quote was this:

“How old are you, Britta?”
“How old do you think I am?”
“You have no wrinkles at all – you could be twelve!”

Hahaha…even though I know he’d already had plenty to drink and had ulterior motives, it was still nice to hear. :)

Sunday – Miami South Beach