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White Christmas!

27 December 2007

Lo & behold, a white Christmas! My grandma’s house is very close to Puget Sound, so the warmer coastal air very rarely lends itself to snow even though the inland Seattle area might get it more often. We have seen some flurries the 23rd or 26th before, but actual snow on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day has only happened once ever before in my mom’s entire life in the Seattle area, and that was in 1990 when we were all there! We couldn’t believe in the early afternoon on Christmas Day when fluffier blobs started coming down along with the rain, not sticking to the ground until about an hour later. My parents’ new black Lab mix Elsie, only a year-and-a half-old, was wondering what this weird white stuff was coming from the sky & on the ground! I was hearing Jack Skellington’s “What’s This?” song in my head as Elsie sniffed & ran around in the snow. πŸ˜‰

White Christmas in Woodway, Washington!

We obviously did get here safely, but the RV got stuck in the mud in my grandma’s backyard when we arrived after dark, so the morning of Christmas Eve was spent waiting for the Good Sam winch truck that never arrived, with me helping my dad work with long scrap wood, concrete stepping stones and lots of digging, and we eventually got it out & parked on more stable ground. My grandma kept announcing incredulously that I was the youngest person here for Christmas! πŸ˜› She would much rather have some young kids around for Christmas, and so would I, but that wasn’t to be this year. We still had a fun family Christmas, especially when the snow arrived. Since she lives in Seattle, my cousin Kristina on my dad’s side came to visit this afternoon with her son Anders who I hadn’t seen since he was a baby and her 7-month old daughter Solveig I hadn’t met yet. What a cutie! No snow here today, not even any rain, but several inches of snow is forecast for tomorrow for Seattle and all along I-5 south through Oregon, let alone the more easterly route over Snoqualmie Pass we are planning on going to stop by Bend, OR to see my mom’s brother & his family on the way back down to California, so we’re staying at my grandma’s house an extra day. The forecast is back to rain by Friday so hopefully that will be safer driving in the giant RV. No, my dad has not allowed me to drive the RV yet, even though I have earned my keep researching in all the documentation for possibilities why the hot water heater wouldn’t work and figuring out the little-did-we-know-how-highly-useful walkie-talkie system that came with the RV, and in ice & snow he is not going to let me drive his new toy anytime soon. That’s fine with me as long as he stays awake driving the whole way! My parents have no schedule except New Years parties, lucky them, but I have to get back to work on Jan 2nd, let alone get back to my kittens!

I hope everyone has been having a nice Christmas!

up the coast

22 December 2008

We had decent weather, drizzle only and reasonable traffic, before dark pulling in to Sutherlin last night, just north of Roseburg, Oregon. The RV park had free wifi & local TV hookup, so after dinner my mom blogged & my dad was watching TV & laptop surfing while I made 3 jars of pickled salmon since we didn’t have time to make it before we left. I was done & cleaned up before 7:30 so my mom & I played Scrabble like last year…but I was way ahead of her the whole game this year, and even with my last letter subtracting 8 points, I still beat her something like 235 to 187. Luck of the tiles, but since I was so far ahead already, I did show her how to lay her same 3 letters for twice the points…haha!

This morning the question was still which way to try to get to Seattle…I-5 through Portland required chains all the way through & had cancelled all flights, but there was even so much snow in Astoria those roads were closed! We have been on the phone with just about every relative up this way…my dad’s cousin in Astoria, my dad’s brother in Newport on the Oregon coast & my mom’s brother-in-law up in Bellevue, WA. After joint road webcam views on cellphone calls & an inside report from the Oregon state police (my uncle has connections) that no chains required over Hwy 20 through Corvalis, we agreed that our best chance is to go up the coast, stay the night in Seaside just south of Astoria, and hope that tomorrow we can get through Astoria up the Washington coast through Seattle up to Edmonds. It’s supposed to be warming up the next couple days, plus the coast should warm up sooner than inland. Hopefully this will work! Since we’re driving through Newport this way, we’re stopping for lunch to see my aunt & uncle, so that will be nice.

I’ve never seen so much snow up here on any of our Christmas trips, which has been the majority of my life…it sure LOOKS like Christmas, that’s for sure!

Somewhere between Corvalis and Newport in Oregon

catching up on Christmas

26 December 2008

Christmas Eve morning we woke up to even more snow, which was great fun for Elsie, especially visiting the horse when he’d venture out of the barn, but required us to dig out the driveway enough so my dad could drive to get some last-minute groceries, let alone for our relatives to arrive later for dinner & presents. The driveway is probably 150ft long up a hill, and the snow was about 8″ deep, so with a little help from my mom, my dad & I spent about an hour shoveling two tracks for tires, then more on the flat by the carport for turnaround and parking for more vehicles later. After my dad tested by getting the van down the hill in the tracks, I was already so overheated I was shoveling in my t-shirt & still sweating, but I kept going for another hour thinking that it would be better if it was clearer where everyone needed to park. I was also hoping the exertion might sweat my cold out of me, but my nose just kept dripping! At least it was a valiant pre-emptive attack against dinner calories, right?

Shoveling snow in Woodway, WA

Christmas Eve Wedgie Revenge!

Road Trip with Grandma – July 2011

22 November 2011

Back in July, I flew up to Seattle for a short road trip with Grandma, through Snoqualmie, Roslyn, Yakima, Selah, Toppenish, Maryhill, Bend to see my uncle Monte and his family, Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood, and Skamania Lodge on the Columbia River Gorge, with an extra bonus that my Peterson cousins were able to visit before I left! We had a great time, and I’ve created another photo book like I did for our Alaska cruise so she & I can both have copies. :)

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Christmas in Seattle again

27 December 2013

Airport selfie with Mom & DadWe spent Christmas 2013 in Seattle again by Grandma’s request, which required me driving to my parents’ house late Saturday night, then getting up at 4am to get to the Sac airport for our flight at dawn…ugh! I tried taking a family sunrise selfie, but Mom had to stand on her tiptoes and Dad had to scrunch down for us all to fit in the same photo! haha…

Some of the Peterson ClanMy grandma is the Clouston side of my family, but it was fun to some of the Peterson cousins on the 22nd, especially the kids who are growing up so fast. I played a couple carols on the electric organ while little Alan and Abby sang along, then they each insisted on a solo turn on Rudolph, with Abby even doing a Santa voice in the middle like I did. I think she might become a diva! πŸ˜‰

Grandma insisted I make us pomegranate martinisIt wasn’t a full house, since Carol & Doug were in the desert, and Christine & her family were in California, but Monte’s family came from Bend for Christmas. I snapped some fun photos especially of 99-year-old Grandma having a great time, like insisting on having pomegranate martinis this year. I know I inherited my party proclivities from her! πŸ˜‰

Mother & daughter making lefseChristmas Eve is the Scandinavian tradition, with opening presents after the big family dinner. Since my dad and grandma both love it, my grandma splurged on lutefisk for Christmas Eve. My mom and grandma spent the afternoon of the 23rd making fresh lefse to go with the lutefisk. For those of us who are not lutefisk fans, my parents hauled a frozen salmon in their luggage from my dad’s Alaska fishing trip last summer.

Dad making smelly lutefiskLutefisk is cod that was preserved in lye (usually sold these days with the lye already soaked out so no one accidentally poisons themselves), boiled to mush in cheesecloth while it stinks up the whole house, then served with melted butter. It’s a big joke that either you love it or hate it. My dad and grandma love it so we had it for Christmas Eve dinner. Even my dad agrees it stinks while boiling. πŸ˜‰ The only flavor I taste is the butter, but the texture is like wet paper napkins or fish jello, so I only took a token portion on my plate. πŸ˜‰ At least we all enjoy the lefse, like a thin potato tortilla eaten rolled up with butter and sugar.

Josh & Alex saved most of their presents to open Christmas morning so we watched them have a great time. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays as much as we enjoyed ours!

A Hundred Years of Helen

17 December 2014

The birthday girl and me at the pre-partyI have been working since 2006 on a biography project for my last surviving grandparent, and when she was turning 100 this year, I absolutely had to finish the project in time for her birthday! This has been a lot of work even before 2014, but this project has been about 140 hours of work in just the past 8 months. I hadn’t started counting when I reviewed & imported all the video interviews and scanned most of the old photos before then. I have taken about 800 media “assets” of interviews, old films, scanned vintage photos, digital photos, narrations, including my own singing & playing for the soundtrack, and compressed a chock-full interesting 100-year life into 2 hours 9 minutes running time.

Slideshow at the big partyEven with my day job, my eye surgery in the spring, hosting 4 summer movie nights, a 2-week Hawaiian vacation with Grandma, and giant Halloween The full video premiere at the after-partypreparations this year, I finished a single digital copy complete with all music and transitions in time for the party! I made a short slideshow with a couple video clips to show as large as possible on the wall during the big party, then I set up my projector in the living room back at her house to premiere the full video at the after-party, far enough away from competing with the football game on the TV in the family room. We had a decent dinnertime audience who really enjoyed hearing stories even close friends and family hadn’t heard before. :)

After the premiere, my cousin Stephen told me he had some of the missing photos my grandma couldn’t find, so he scanned those for me, I added in what I could to the video and mastered a DVD-ROM to include all the photos as files for other generations to use, plus I transcribed and formatted everything into a book to accompany the video. I couldn’t fit as many photos into the book, and I took a couple screenshots from the old family films, but that’s not the same as seeing them in motion. The hardback book is available on the Lulu Marketplace here, but the DVD is only available from me. :)

You can now watch the full video “A Hundred Years of Helen” online, broken into the five chapters. There are easy links at the end to click to view the next chapter. The full story is just over two hours long, and Chapter 3 is the longest section at 40 minutes. All the soundtrack songs are classics my grandfather used to play, performed by yours truly on vocals, steel-string guitar and baritone ukulele.

A Hundred Years of Helen
The Story of Helen Marie Bergstrom Clouston

Chapter 1: Childhood in Minnesota
Chapter 2: From the City to the Farm
Chapter 3: Starting in Seattle
Chapter 4: Travels Around the World
Chapter 5: A New Chapter

My mom beat me to blogging the pre-party with pizza and out-of-towners at the house, the big party with 101 guests to help the birthday girl celebrate, the after-party at the house with dinner, and the day-after Peterson cousin fun, so you can read what she said here:

Gary & Diane’s Adventures: A Hundred Years of Helen

I’ve added my own photo gallery here below. Grandma said it isn’t a party without music, and she loves that I can carry on my grandfather’s musical tradition, so I obliged in belting out some classics my grandfather used to play along with the hired accordion player per the request of the birthday girl. :)

Grandma’s 101st Birthday in Seattle

7 November 2015

We made it to Grandma’s house! Do you think I traveled with enough teal?

We made it to Grandma's house! Do you think I traveled with enough teal? πŸ˜‰

Posted by Britta Peterson on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grandma wanted a margarita and an enchilada so we are having Margarita Tuesday. We told them she’s turning 101 tomorrow so they brought her a flaming layered tequila shot and sang!

Grandma wanted a margarita and an enchilada so we are having Margarita Tuesday. We told them she's turning 101 tomorrow so they brought her a flaming layered tequila shot and sang!

Posted by Britta Peterson on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Kim brought her 10-month old puppy Guido and her year-old granddaughter to wish Grandma a happy birthday! That’s a 100-year age difference opening the presents together!

Kim brought her 10-month old puppy Guido and her year-old granddaughter to wish Grandma a happy birthday! That's a 100-year age difference opening the presents together!

Posted by Britta Peterson on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Grandma was treated like royalty at Canlis tonight for a delicious fancy birthday dinner! Grandma & Mom were here for their opening night back in 1950, and the grandson Brian Canlis had to take a photo with her while hearing old stories about his grandfather.

Grandma was treated like royalty at Canlis tonight for a delicious fancy birthday dinner! Grandma & Mom were here for…

Posted by Britta Peterson on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Grandma enjoyed her new birthday presents today!

Full disclosure: she bought the new computer herself but all the conversion from the old computer, setup, lessons, and tech support are some of my birthday gifts to her. The motorcycle is a joke since my rich cousin has so many cars at his house that his bike stays in Grandma’s garage. We keep walking past it so I wanted to take a photo.

Grandma enjoyed her new birthday presents today! πŸ˜‰

Posted by Britta Peterson on Thursday, November 5, 2015

The celebrations continued tonight with my Peterson cousins, aunt & uncle coming over to wish Grandma a happy 101st birthday!

The celebrations continued tonight with my Peterson cousins, aunt & uncle coming over to wish Grandma a happy 101st birthday! :)

Posted by Britta Peterson on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today’s brunch was the last of the parties for Grandma’s 101st birthday! Mom made a bunch of goodies and I made the entire three-layer cake, including the sculpted modeling chocolate, handpainted, double-sided 101 topper. Now we are already at the airport to fly home. Happy Birthday Grandma! So glad we could celebrate all week with you!

Today's brunch was the last of the parties for Grandma's 101st birthday! Mom made a bunch of goodies and I made the…

Posted by Britta Peterson on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sunset somewhere over the clouds and downtown San Jose at night. Home again and looking forward to my own bed tonight. Onyx greeted me at the door of course, but I hope the other kitties forgive me for being gone!

Sunset somewhere over the clouds and downtown San Jose at night. Home again and looking forward to my own bed tonight….

Posted by Britta Peterson on Saturday, November 7, 2015

Grandma’s 102nd birthday in Seattle!

8 November 2016

Since Grandma was turning 102 and still loves big parties, we had another birthday party brunch for her at her house in Seattle this year, so I embellished a Costco cake into an impressive peacock-feathered creation, Glen accompanied me this time, and we even had a chance for a few hours of sightseeing in Seattle! Check out the full photo gallery at the end, too!

Glen did his best Shatner at the EMP museum Trek exhibit in Seattle…hahaha! While it rendered it had messages like “Please wait, rendering evil smugness…amplifying Shatnerosity…” Hilarious!

Click through to see the full gallery!


Happy Holidays!

17 January 2017

Xmas2016I haven’t created a Christmas photo the past couple years since I thought everyone knew what my year was like due to Facebook and my blogs, plus I couldn’t get decent photos of all three kitties and myself. However even though we are already well past New Years, this year I have major updates to announce, so let’s get started…

Grandma has had a harder year healthwise, so I surprised her in March for a quick weekend to cheer her up in the hospital before she could return home. Her travel is now restricted due to congestive heart failure, so we didn’t do a big trip this summer like our Hawaii cruise in 2014 and the Canadian Rockies in 2015, but I did visit her in July for a few days. She was well enough to thoroughly enjoy her 102nd birthday in November with a party that kept growing larger as she invited more people! We spent Christmas at her house, like the majority of my entire lifetime of Christmases, and we are all thankful she still has all her personality even if her body is “finally starting to wear out” as she put it.

My big trip this year was in June when Glen & I took an ambitious road trip around Spain, seeing 26 Spanish castles in 10 days, even staying overnight in 9 castles! I’m sure you won’t be surprised that I took a TON of photos, over 3300 in fact! You can see select photos and read about the whole trip in the Travels section on if you like.

After celebrating 16 years working for Equinix, still thankful it pays for my house and other things I enjoy, summer was more fun working on Halloween projects between hosting my annual 4th of July fireworks party and three Cinema Brittahytta backyard movie nights, then by the end of August, Glen and I were officially dating! We first met 9 years ago when he attended my Halloween party with mutual friends, and our friendship has grown closer the past 5 years after he volunteered to help with my Halloween projects, so it is wonderful to have such a strong relationship before adding romance. :)

My big annual Halloween party went well as the Webmistress hosted a Victorian Halloween at Castle Brittahytta, with a new spider food menu and a front show with original music and over 10,000 spiders crawling over the castle walls and gravestones as the Waltz of the Spiders, but sadly our November was rough, starting with Glen catching an awful flu before we left Grandma’s birthday in Seattle. Thankfully I stayed well to take care of him, but he was miserable for a couple weeks and was only barely well enough to feel human again when I found out my beloved “dog in a cat’s body” Onyx was in end-stage chronic kidney failure at only 9 years old. I gave Onyx one last night of love, then Glen held me as I held Onyx as he left his pain behind. The next day we flew to San Antonio as scheduled to meet some of Glen’s family for a Simon Thanksgiving at Bret’s house, with Frank and Lisa also visiting, and to see my highschool friends Amanda & Anne, which was a really great trip…remember the Alamo! We had turkey #2 as a Peterson Thanksgiving on Friday in Roseville with my parents Diane & Gary and brother Erik, getting my fresh Christmas tree and fresh apple cider at Apple Hill the next day according to tradition…a whirlwind week but grateful we could visit both our families!

Glen & I both caught colds to start December, but thankfully by my Holiday Happy Hour party on the 11th, we were both healthy again, ready to host our friends for Christmas at the Castle while wearing the new red & green tartan dress I made for our fancy Christmas photo, and ready to take on the rest of the holiday season and 2017…starting with an East Asia cruise in February!

We hope everyone enjoyed a happy holiday season, and may you have a fabulous 2017!

– Britta, Glen, Ebony & Obsidian from Brittahytta in Santa Clara, California

Grandma’s 103rd Birthday in Seattle

8 November 2017

A 2 hour airport delay means shepherd’s pie & bangers & mash meals at the SJC airport Britannia Arms with a teal margarita, sticky toffee pudding, and a friendly Lab from Germany, then finally in the air with a pretty pink moonrise over the clouds. Safely in Seattle now for Grandma’s 103rd birthday party tomorrow!

Happy 103rd Birthday to Grandma! Another great house party with mimosas plus bakery quiche & several cakes all courtesy of of cousin Stephen! Loved the toddler birthday card modified with an extra century, the Scrabble tiles card, and the world record plaque for most buckets of weeds…haha!

We visited Grandma at rehab today so I played piano for a small audience in the lobby and Mom sang with me for a couple songs. :)

Fun afternoon with my Peterson cousins!

We should have brought the giant birthday balloons to rehab yesterday in the van…haha!Southwest SeaTac’s Halloween decorations are still up with a cute Seattle skyline painted on a real pumpkin, and both our San Jose and Sacramento flights are at the same gate…haha! Goodbye to Seattle but we will see Grandma again for Christmas!

Christmas 2017 in Seattle…with an 8ft tall snow Olaf-Zilla!

28 December 2017

On our way to Seattle trying not to catch anything else! Did you know that the airport Menchies Frozen Yogurt just got Dole Whip 2 days ago?!? The sign says Dole Pineapple Sorbet but it is creamy just like at the Tiki Room!

We were picked up at the airport in style with a furry welcome! Made it to Grandma’s house and unloaded all the luggage and presents before dinner!

Merry Christmas from Diagon Alley in Ballard! Impressive amount of work in just a driveway and a constant line of people! We did our best Azkaban escapee faces, took advantage of the mistletoe at the “moving bricks” entrance, inspected the construction behind the scenes, spotted a holiday R2-D2 near a spare dragon, and even peeked through the window into his garage shop in back and spotted some new details in progress. Congrats to them for having creative fun and raising so much money for a good cause! #diagonalleyproject

It’s snowing just in time for a white Christmas! 😃No need to dream anymore! ❄️🎄🎁⛄️

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Lutefisk, lefse, pickled beets & Swedish meatballs for our Christmas Eve dinner, all while snow continued to fall and a couple snowballs were thrown, then fun opening all our presents, including some challenging puzzle boxes for Glen that required group effort! πŸ˜‰

Merry Christmas! Do you wanna build a snowman?!? Our Olaf-Zilla is 8ft tall! I hadn’t built a snowman since I was 9, but Glen was on a mission to go big! Thanks to Diane for taking photos, thinking of the sweet potato nose, and mason jar rings & cut out leaves for eyes!

Our 8ft tall Olaf-Zilla is already leaning so some last photos before he melts away! Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas Day!

Great to see my Peterson cousins today and the big brothers were all smiles! Thanks to Kathleen & Brian for hosting at their new house only one week after moving in! A bit of stress when we couldn’t get the van up the hill in the snow, so they drove us up in shifts…whew!

Singalong carols around the piano like the old Clouston Christmases! Of course we had to sing White Christmas this year with all the snow still on the ground!

Glen inspected the last pieces of Olaf-Zilla, we packed the RV, and said goodbye to Grandma out the back door for another snazzy ride to the airport as Gary & Diane keep driving to California! The Spaceneedle was peeking through the melting snowdrops on the window, but Mt Rainier was out today!

Home again! We got lucky with an open seat in our row, and Southwest has smartly moved the magazines to the top of the seat and plenty of knee room even for my long legs! When we disembarked, Glen immediately headed the opposite direction from baggage claim with a sneaky grin…it took me half the walk to figure out he was headed for some Dole Whip to go before we left the airport…hahaha! Even though there was no lid that fit, that giant container is now safely in our freezer. Both kitties are fine but Obsidian somehow lost both his normal collar AND his Christmas collar!

our wedding day!

28 April 2018

I was able to tease several wedding projects a little on Instagram and the BrittaBlvd Facebook page, and I had been hoping to post on in more detail about my wedding projects along the way, but all the coordination with so many vendors on top of late-nights working on wedding projects plus dayjob had me already at my multi-tasking limit, plus several projects needed to stay as surprises…but our big day was April 28th, 2018! Professional photos are still forthcoming, but for now, you might find some photos by searching our hashtag #GlenAndBritta on Facebook and Instagram, and catch up on all the Facebook Live streams from our wedding day at Winchester Mystery House with horse & carriage ride to Hotel Valencia for dinner and dancing!

All the planning and sleepless nights sewing and other wedding projects were worth it for such a fantastic celebration with our family & friends! We livestreamed video of our wedding at Winchester Mystery House for the sake of several dear family & friends who couldn’t travel, so you can watch here if you like. We even got to ring the tower bell ourselves 13 times and leave in a horse & carriage, and we danced to Grim Grinning Ghosts by fabulous swing band Lee Presson and the Nails with our surprise lighting effects…what a fantastic day!


Wedding Ceremony & Cocktail Hour at Winchester Mystery House:


Fairytale Farewell with Horse & Carriage:


Our Ride in the Horse & Carriage:


Arrival in the Horse & Carriage:


Wedding Reception part 1:


Wedding Reception part 2 – toasts!


Partying with Lee Presson and the Nails!

Gary Lee Peterson – February 14, 1947 – July 30, 2018 – A Celebration of a Life Well-Lived

6 August 2018

Last Photo with DadLife changes in an instant. My dad called me from Alaska and sang me Happy Birthday on Friday July 27th, but Monday morning July 30th he passed away from a massive heart attack in his own bed. He was such a great father my whole life, and I am so thankful he was able to walk me down the aisle for my wedding and meet Glen’s family, but now I will miss him forever. I am so thankful I remembered to take a photo during our May visit, since now this is the last photo I have with my dad.

On Friday, August 3rd, 2018, we wore bright colors to honor my dad Gary with A Celebration of a Life Well-Lived. I knew I couldn’t handle singing a solo for him, but I was able to join with the congregation for two hymns and his request for a rousing recessional of When the Saints Go Marching In. Over 200 family & friends came from near and far, and so many attended the service that the parking lot overflowed, the greeting line stretched out to the parking lot, and the sanctuary was almost standing room only. I am so proud of my father that he inspired such a sense of community in all his walks of life: family, church, neighbors, hunting & fishing buddies, and lifelong friends from his college days. We will all miss him terribly, but we gave him a sendoff he would love: military honors, Music Box Dancer as he has requested as long as I can remember, bright colors, fun and moving stories, a rousing recessional of When the Saints Go Marching In…and a luncheon with an overflowing table of Scandinavian desserts. Thank you to everyone who took time out of their lives to attend the service. We really appreciate all the support. (Click to enlarge this photo from the back of the church, and more photos from the service and luncheon are included below.)

My mom is always busy with multiple activities and has so many friends that she will be okay eventually, just like her widowed mother before her, but I was glad my co-workers were understanding that I could stay with her all week, accompany her to the mortuary for final arrangements, plan & attend the service, open bank accounts, attend church with her on Sunday morning, and start going through Dad’s things. Glen was a true blessing to drive me and be my rock all week each time I broke down in tears myself, but I feel guilty that I have Glen but my mom no longer has her life partner. We had planned to visit the following weekend to celebrate my birthday & Glen’s with family, both Mom & Dad were going to meet our new kitten Midnight, Glen & I had gifts for my parents for their upcoming 50th wedding anniversary on August 17th, and we were finally supposed to have some official wedding photos to look at together. All those keep crushing me that they will not happen anymore, so I have to concentrate on the blessings instead…that Dad enjoyed 11 great years of retirement, I did talk to him on my birthday, he had a fantastic week fishing in Alaska, he called his brother Alan from the airport on Sunday, he had his favorite burger at In’N’Out with Mom on the way home, he cuddled his lapdog Rosie, and that he was home in his own bed with Mom when his heart stopped, before any diabetes or memory issues caught up with him any worse. He died happy without suffering, and we can’t ask for anything more…but we will still miss him forever.


We filmed the memorial service for my father Gary on Friday so my 103-year-old grandmother could see it. I edited the live broadcast so you can hear all the speakers more clearly, and at the request of several friends & family, it is here for anyone who would like to watch. Click on the photo or the link to launch the video in a new window. GaryTitleFB

This is the slideshow of Gary’s Life we showed during the memorial service. Thanks to Dixie & Joyce for creating the 2007 retirement video used in the middle of this full video. Click on the photo or the link to launch the video in a new window.

Gary Lee Peterson Obituaryimg_5244.jpgGary L. Peterson of Roseville, CA, passed away of heart failure on July 30th at age 71. Born in Astoria, OR, Gary played basketball through college at Pacific Lutheran University, then served in the US Army for 2 years. He worked for 36 years at Weyerhaeuser and Willamette, and was an active member at Advent Lutheran Church for almost 40 years. A lifelong avid hunter and fisherman, he spent his last week enjoying fishing in Alaska.

Gary is survived by Diane, his wife of almost 50 years, son Erik, daughter Britta and her husband Glen, brother Alan, numerous nieces and nephews, and his loyal lapdog Rosie.

A celebration of Gary’s life will be 11am Friday August 3rd at Advent Lutheran Church, 5901 San Juan Ave, Citrus Heights, CA 95610. In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to Advent Lutheran Church in memory of Gary Peterson.