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more Midnight

Yesterday Midnight had his checkup, tests & shots, all clear & healthy except for some nasty ear mites that should clear up in a couple days after meds. He was such a good kitty! I’ve never had any cat let me hold them in the exam room and purr so loudly, even after shots! Since Midnight was still growling when Obsidian would get too close, we didn’t expect any snuggling ear mite transfer, so I opened up the doors last night and let them both roam the house and patio together. Siddy kept trying his best every so often to get closer, but Midnight would swat or growl if Siddy got too close…but when Siddy used the litter box, I cracked up as Midnight ran to the piano to peek down at him doing his business! When I went to bed, Siddy snuggled my legs like always, and Midnight couldn’t see him so jumped almost on top of him, which caused another growl, but Midnight eventually jumped on the nightstand then walked behind my head to my other side and snuggled my shoulder while I fell asleep. He was out on the couch by morning, but today we had our first nose sniff without hissing or growling…that’s progress!

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