Las Vegas 2007

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

28 January 2007

Whew! What a week! I have been frantically gathering multimedia for a secret presentation, working on the big scavenger hunt game that has become my baby by default, AND trying to get ready for Mardi Gras since I’m already in Vegas right now, not coming back until Sunday Feb 4th, with my party Saturday the 10th! 😮
Vegas, baby, Vegas!

in Vegas…

29 January 2007

Wifi is $12 per day per laptop per room at THEhotel…boy do we wish we brought an Airport Express along! Oh well…and the authentication server was down when I first arrived, so we couldn’t get on then anyway….I swear, I had FREE wifi in Nurnberg, Germany AND Killarney, Ireland…how come Las Vegas has to rip us off? heh 😉

These boots are NOT made for walking :(

more Vegas…

2 February 2007

Whirlwind is not an understatement, but I knew it would be! Here’s the recap of the past few days of my time here in Vegas…

Monday Multimedia

even more Vegas…

4 February 2007

Yes, I’m still here in Vegas! Completely different than last weekend though, so it’s all good. No dancing clubs & drinking until all hours, but seeing more Vegas sights, which is just fine by me!

Fabulous Friday Food & Fun

Leaving Las Vegas

5 February 2007

(you knew that title was coming eventually!)

Yes, I’m already home as of last night, but I figured I’d catch up with the rest of the story from Sunday while I give you the photo album links. :) On a side note, on Saturday night I “flipped” my camera’s “odometer” for the 2nd time in 5 years…which by counting 0001-9999 twice means I’ve already taken 20,000 photos* since January 2002 – whew!

Sunday at Red Rock Canyon