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meet Midnight, our new kitten!

Meet Midnight, our new kitten! This now makes 2 sweet black kitties who showed up at my house without me having to search for them! 😸

Jeff had sent me photos earlier this spring about a black shorthair kitten born in February but we couldn’t adopt a kitten yet with all the wedding & honeymoon chaos. Yesterday they were visiting Audene’s brother again and this 4-month old boy still needed a home, so after a 90-minute drive in a duct-taped cardboard box with holes, he let me pick him up and was purring almost immediately! He has been held by kids a lot so already enjoys hugs and purred on our laps all evening, draped like a boneless kitty. Obsidian doesn’t sit in laps, so now Glen finally knows what it’s like to not be able to get up because of a cat in his lap. 😉

Even though Obsidian is very curious and has gently tried a few times to introduce himself with polite little meows and a slow approach, the kitten still growls when he gets within about 2 ft, but as soon as Siddy backs off a couple inches the kitten will purr again, and kittens are usually more adaptable, so I think we will be okay eventually. Even Onyx growled at Obsidian when he first moved in, but within a week they were snuggling. Since Midnight has been indoor/outdoor, right now we would rather they be separated anyway until tests & shots are done next week, so they have separate food, water & litter sequestered in different rooms so they can both feel safe. Siddy slept with Glen in our bed like normal, and I slept on the couch since this kitty had never yet spent a night alone, let alone away from his mother and littermates. Not the best timing since we have our 2-night camping trip in Napa next weekend, but at least after that we are home until August! Would anyone like to kitten-sit this weekend? 😉

Midnight hasn’t meowed much yet, but it’s been a gurgle meow like in the video…and least he figured out how to play with the toy! Auntie Sheila​ came to visit, and now Midnight has nestled inside Glen’s legs on the couch while they both enjoy a nap… 😴 💤

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