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Happy Holidays 2013

25 December 2013

Happy Holidays from Britta, Onyx, Ebony & Obsidian!

Happy Holidays 2013

The kitties have had an interesting year with new kitty Obsidian (Siddy for short) becoming a lap & snuggle hog, and throwing a wrench between siblings Ebony & Onyx. The boys are best buds now and will play and cuddle, but Ebony is only just beginning to tolerate Siddy a full year after he moved in. Siddy likes to tease her, but she overreacts, causing crazy loud and sometimes destructive chases through the whole house. Here’s hoping for household harmony in the near future, but at least they were all sharing the sunshine in the window for about 15 minutes while I could run and grab the camera for this photo! :)

Thankfully I’m overall healthy, but this year I’ve made it through plantar fasciitis heel pain, a broken toe, and a foot sprain so bad I had to wear a fancy removable walking boot cast for 3 weeks and wasn’t fully healed for about 3 months. Then after I had recovered from those, summer Cinema Brittahytta movie nights, and Halloween chaos, I tried implantable contact lens eye surgery in November, which has left me in glasses for a couple months while waiting until I can have LASIK that will hopefully bring me to acceptable vision without external aids. That would be a dream come true since I was 6 years old, so please wish me luck!

We wish everyone a happy holiday season, and may you have a fabulous 2014!

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