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finally a cat trap that works on Obsidian!

14 March 2018


27 February 2018


12 February 2018

getting Obsidian to play?

6 February 2018

Obsidian doesn’t play with toys held by humans, so we are trying to convince him to let us to play with him. He enjoys attacking the red dot since he hasn’t figured out where it’s coming from, but we are only using the laser pointer in small doses since we’ve heard about too many animals becoming neurotic with never being able to catch that red dot. I think the wire toy he finally played with at Thanksgiving was left at my parents’ house so we will bring that back our next trip so he can actually catch something!

Farewell Ebony

20 January 2018

As I was flattened by a bad winter flu, Ebony had stopped eating & drinking, diagnosis a UTI on top of kidney failure like her brother Onyx. We tried treating the UTI she had in hopes that her kidney numbers could come down, but after 5 days of feeding her tasty tuna, enjoying some sunshine, and snuggling as much as possible, her breathing became labored and her blood level numbers were still so high that I ended her suffering, holding her until the end. Kitties aren’t supposed to get kidney failure at only 10 years old so there was probably something congenital in their family, such a shame. At least I had them in my life as long as I did, but it still breaks my heart to have lost both of them just over a year apart. Obsidian is now an only kitty for a while, and I’m afraid he will be lonely…

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