iPad cat games!

30 June 2018

kitty family accomplished in 10 days!

27 June 2018

We officially have licks and playing together between Obsidian and Midnight! Last night Obsidian was letting Midnight play with his tail and they got pretty close when sitting next to me. Glen thought there might have been actual cuddling this morning on the couch but they jumped up to greet him. When I got home from work they were on the couch about 12” apart, so if it wasn’t 80F inside the house they probably would have snuggled. Hooray!

more Midnight

20 June 2018

Yesterday Midnight had his checkup, tests & shots, all clear & healthy except for some nasty ear mites that should clear up in a couple days after meds. He was such a good kitty! I’ve never had any cat let me hold them in the exam room and purr so loudly, even after shots! Since Midnight was still growling when Obsidian would get too close, we didn’t expect any snuggling ear mite transfer, so I opened up the doors last night and let them both roam the house and patio together. Siddy kept trying his best every so often to get closer, but Midnight would swat or growl if Siddy got too close…but when Siddy used the litter box, I cracked up as Midnight ran to the piano to peek down at him doing his business! When I went to bed, Siddy snuggled my legs like always, and Midnight couldn’t see him so jumped almost on top of him, which caused another growl, but Midnight eventually jumped on the nightstand then walked behind my head to my other side and snuggled my shoulder while I fell asleep. He was out on the couch by morning, but today we had our first nose sniff without hissing or growling…that’s progress!

meet Midnight, our new kitten!

18 June 2018

Meet Midnight, our new kitten! This now makes 2 sweet black kitties who showed up at my house without me having to search for them! 😸

Jeff had sent me photos earlier this spring about a black shorthair kitten born in February but we couldn’t adopt a kitten yet with all the wedding & honeymoon chaos. Yesterday they were visiting Audene’s brother again and this 4-month old boy still needed a home, so after a 90-minute drive in a duct-taped cardboard box with holes, he let me pick him up and was purring almost immediately! He has been held by kids a lot so already enjoys hugs and purred on our laps all evening, draped like a boneless kitty. Obsidian doesn’t sit in laps, so now Glen finally knows what it’s like to not be able to get up because of a cat in his lap. 😉

Even though Obsidian is very curious and has gently tried a few times to introduce himself with polite little meows and a slow approach, the kitten still growls when he gets within about 2 ft, but as soon as Siddy backs off a couple inches the kitten will purr again, and kittens are usually more adaptable, so I think we will be okay eventually. Even Onyx growled at Obsidian when he first moved in, but within a week they were snuggling. Since Midnight has been indoor/outdoor, right now we would rather they be separated anyway until tests & shots are done next week, so they have separate food, water & litter sequestered in different rooms so they can both feel safe. Siddy slept with Glen in our bed like normal, and I slept on the couch since this kitty had never yet spent a night alone, let alone away from his mother and littermates. Not the best timing since we have our 2-night camping trip in Napa next weekend, but at least after that we are home until August! Would anyone like to kitten-sit this weekend? 😉

Midnight hasn’t meowed much yet, but it’s been a gurgle meow like in the video…and least he figured out how to play with the toy! Auntie Sheila​ came to visit, and now Midnight has nestled inside Glen’s legs on the couch while they both enjoy a nap… 😴 💤

quickest Seattle trip ever!

30 April 2018

Since my 103-year-old grandma ended up unable to travel for our wedding, we took a day trip to Seattle to bring a taste of our wedding to her! She requested I play & sing for some new friends at her care facility and they loved it. We had dinner with her and showed her some of the wedding that she didn’t get to see on the livestream on Saturday. Our outfits were pretty obvious especially since we brought our hats and my extremely heavy bridal bouquet, so we got a lot of comments and congrats, and even free cocktails paid by the man sitting in front of us on the plane!

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