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Midsummer Scream & the Queen Mary

In July my Halloween Scream Team spent the weekend on The Queen Mary ship hotel in Long Beach while we attended the Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival! We also took a couple paranormal investigation tours onboard the “haunted” ship, so the full report is over on Britta Blvd where my other Halloween and party stuff lives…


MS2017-ScreamTeamMy Eerie Elegance Halloween Scream Team decided to take a road trip to a new Halloween festival in Long Beach! This was only the second year for Midsummer Scream, but we had seen good reviews of last year and we had a great time. Interesting panels, good instructional demonstrations, lots of inspiration, I had fun wearing a pinup girl style spiderweb dress I barely finished before driving down plus a graveyard skirt mashup outfit, but we actually didn’t buy anything since I had just received my new Hot Wire Foam Factory electric knife set and foam MS2017-IMG_1431coat products the night before for my birthday! It was fantastic to be able to quiz the company owners and see products in use! Since the costume ball was on board the Queen Mary, we decided to stay the weekend there in the vintage ship hotel and also attend a couple of their ghost hunter tours, with me wearing my Madame Leota dress with crystal ball earrings for Dining with the Spirits…and I thought for sure something gory would win the costume contest at the party packed full of hundreds of people, but guess what?!? Keep reading for the whole story and photos





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