Cibo Cantabimus

Cibo Group Photo
Doug Barbieri (baritenor), Jeff Ouye (tenor), Mitch Moriwaki (bass), Louie Lee (bass),
Tracia Barbieri (alto), Britta Peterson (soprano), and Stephanie Manansala (soprano)

"Cibo Cantabimus" (KEE-bo can-TA-bee-moose) was born out of a University of
California at Davis chorus tour of the former Soviet Union in 1990--a few singers
from that tour began the tradition of caroling throughout the area every Christmas.
Since those humble beginnings, Cibo Cantabimus has perfomed in numerous
weddings, Renaissance Faires, parties, churches, and special events. Looking for
any excuse to get together, the singers adopted their name "Cibo Cantabimus,"
which, by their own translation, means "Will Sing for Food."

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