How to Host a Mystery
Star Trek: The Next Generation

These are pictures from the Star Trek: The Next Generation "How to Host a Mystery" party
that Britta hosted at her apartment on April 28th, 2002...

(FYI: My Ensign Ro uniform is "vintage" from 1991, but all the other uniform shirts, plus Guinan's hat, were all made by me for this party for less than $20...I couldn't let my guests not look official just because they didn't own uniforms! :)

Who Stole the Orb of Knowledge?

It is Stardate 47729.75 aboard the starship USS Enterprise 1701-D. Eight members of an Enterprise Away Team have returned from the remote planet Delphi 4 with a remarkable discovery - the legendary Orb of Knowledge. At a celebration banquet, excitement turns to dismay when the Orb is stolen and the Away Team must decide who amongst them has committed the crime.

USS Enterprise-D Away Team Members

Cast Photo

Guinan..............Anne Freitas
Dr. Beverly Crusher...............Lisa Molera
Lt. Cmdr. Data.............Jeff Johnson
Ensign Ro Laren............Britta Peterson
Lt. Worf.................Kael Loftus
Cmdr. William Riker...........R. Douglas Barbieri
Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge.............Louie Lee
Counselor Deanna Troi............Tracia Barbieri

The Suspects

Doug Barbieri as Will Riker
Doug Barbieri as Commander William Riker...

As First Officer of the USS Enterprise, Riker is considered one of Starfleet's rising young stars. Known as "Will" to his friends, he is a human of decisive action, with the physical stamina and mental capacity needed to tackle difficult assignments. He inherited his pioneering spirit and rugged outdoor quality from his upbringing in Valdez, Alaska, on planet Earth.

Riker's principal duties include maintaining the vessel and crew in pristine condition, and commanding Away Teams. Handsome and dashing, the twinkle in his eye hints at a sense of humor and a fondness for the opposite sex. Some special interests include playing the trombone, listening to jazz music, and frequently holding his own at five-card stud.

Jeff Johnson as Data
Jeff Johnson as Lieutenant Commander Data...

Data is an android so expertly fabricated, Starfleet tests indicate he is a "live" being. He has the appearance of a human male in his mid-thirties except for his gold-tone artificial skin, yellow eyes and slightly stiff movements.

His positronic computer brain possesses a childlike curiosity and exhaustive memory, but essential elements of humanness (like feelings and humor) elude his android circuitry. With the mind of a machine and a body that appears mortal, Data yearns to be fully human. As a crew member, his detached manner, analytical skills and engineering wizardry often prove invaluable. This has earned him numerous Starfleet decorations including the Legion of Honor, a Starfleet Command Decoration for Valor & Gallantry and The Star Cross.

Lisa Molera as Dr. Crusher
Lisa Molera as Dr. Beverly Crusher...

As the ship's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Crusher is an experienced physician who often uses her keen diagnostic skills only to confirm her intuition. Intelligent and strong-willed, she is a brilliant ship's doctor who worked long and hard to get the enviable assignment aboard the Starship Enterprise.

Dr. Crusher is beautiful and youthful, with a natural charm and intelligence that complements her technical skills. Tough at times, soft at others, she is an accomplished human female with a well-developed heart and mind. When faced with a dilemma, Beverly carefully weighs the options and chooses the most compassionate and ethical course of action. A widow, she has a close personal relationship with Captain Picard, who has many times served as a strong father-figure for her son.

Tracia Barbieri as Deanna Troi
Tracia Barbieri as Counselor Deanna Troi...

Beautiful, gracious and intelligent, Deanna's duties as Ship Counselor require her to be alert to the temperaments and emotional states of visitors and crew. Half Betazoid, hybrids like Troi are seldom completely telepathic but can usually read the feelings and emotions of those around them. Deeply respected for her serenity and peaceful wisdom, she has helped many fellow crew members through difficult situations.

Deanna is an expert in psychological engineering whose insight is frequently sought by Captain Picard when clashes arise. The myriad of different cultures and beliefs aboard the starship keeps her job challenging. Before being assigned to the USS Enterprise, Deanna was once romantically involved in a passionate love affair with Will Riker. Their working relationship is proper and professional, and they remain friendly.

Louie Lee as Geordi LaForge
Louie Lee as Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge...

Geordi is an engineering expert with an extensive knowledge of every facet of the ship's operation. Blind from birth, he wears a high-tech prosthetic device that allows his brain to "see" almost the full electromagnetic spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet. His quick intelligence and lively spirit inspired a top medical electronics team to create the VISOR (Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement) he wears.

Geordi's special visual abilities and excellent memory make him a valuable member of an Away Team. A well-liked and amiable human, he has a playful sense of humor that often emerges in situations of grave danger. Geordi and Data are best friends, viewing life from unusual vantage points and sharing a mutual fascination of technology.

Kael Loftus as Worf
Kael Loftus as Lieutenant Worf...

Born to a race that considers military expertise the highest of all virtues, Worf is the first Klingon ever to graduate from Starfleet Academy. In charge of security, Worf is an expert on all types of weapons and armaments and totally loyal to Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise. His abrupt nature may sometimes appear abrasive, but his sense of honor and integrity are without question. His motto is, "To die defending one's ship is the hope of every Klingon."

Orphaned in childhood during a Romulan attack on a Klingon outpost, he was rescued and adopted by a human Starfleet officer and his family. Internally, Worf is often torn between the human values of his upbringing and his aggressive Klingon heritage. An imposing physical presence, Worf speaks in short, declarative statements, and has a limited sense of humor.

Britta Peterson as Ensign Ro
Britta Peterson as Ensign Ro Laren...

Due to her troubled Bajoran heritage, Ro is very headstrong and determined. Her persecuted and hardened race has survived many territorial battles by believing that action and tenacity would carry the day. This approach to life has both helped and hindered her. Ro's fiercely independent nature sometimes has difficulty submitting to authority, but she has proven herself to be a valued member of the USS Enterprise crew.

No stranger to conflict and adversity, Ro's honorable motives and natural intelligence usually rescue her when she finds herself in trouble. Romantically, she actively pursues what she wants. It is generally known that while under the influence of artificially-induced amnesia, she gave in to her underlying attraction to Commander Riker.

Anne Freitas as Guinan
Anne Freitas as Guinan...

Guinan is hostess of the Ten-Forward Lounge, a place on the starship known for off-duty relaxation, as well as unique beverages. An alien female from a distant planet of Listener life-forms, Guinan has the ability to make others feel comfortable and expess themselves honestly while in her presence. Sought out for her advice as well as the lively beverages she concocts, Guinan's job is similar to a "bartender" of yesteryear.

Over five centuries old, her appearance and demeanor are very youthful. She speaks with a wisdom and serenity that indicates both innocence and knowledge. Her observations are often punctuated with keen insights and subtle humor. Guinan would not normally be part of an Away Team, but her culture has very specific legends about the Orb of Knowledge, and she was invited by Commander Riker to join the mission to help authenticate the discovery.

The Party!

Worf Makeup
Data Makeup Data's Pips
Alien Food! More Alien Food
Even More Food! Riker in Motion
Mmmm...Gagh! Betazoid Brownie Bars
Who Wants Romulan Ale? Rokeg Blood Pie Klingons must eat MEAT! Starfield Pose Who Wants a Starburst? Couples... Mmm...Pipius Claw! 'I tend bar, and I listen...' Expendable Ensign Ouye Historical Trek Display Ten Forward Bar Bar Closeup I am Riker of Borg - Resistance is Futile Deanna's Mocha Supreme Klingon Blood Wine
Jazz Hands!

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