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Oslo, London, and home again

18 August 2007

The witching hours pre-dawn at Heathrow are amazingly different than just 8pm at the very same place…it was an absolute zoo then, and an empty desert now! For anyone following along, I did get to the Windsor Castle Pub in Notting Hill, and my second-best batch of cider, the March 24th batch I brought for Teje and brought some small bottles for myself, is in my opinion BETTER than the Addlestones cloudy cider it was inspired by! Granted, my first memory of Addlestones was sweeter than tonight, so it could be the differences in batches, but I’ll call that a success for Brittahytta Brewery! :)

28 Hours in Oslo

in Oslo – finally!

1 August 2007

What a LONG day! I’m here in Oslo finally, in my hotel room on cheap wifi, after a Strongbow with Teje at the Dubliner around the corner. Lucky that I just happened to choose a hotel that was so close to her favorite pub, run by her sister-in-law! 😉

Super LONG travel day!