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best buds

12 September 2018

Our two kitties cuddling, chasing, and wrestling daily is a joy to see, even with over 6 years age difference between them. We really did get Obsidian a kitten! Some of the neighbor kids keep asking to play with Midnight, and Obsidian has now not only started coming out of hiding, but accepting pets while Midnight observes! I think Midnight’s tail is longer than Siddy’s, but their bodies are now the same length!

almost twins?

15 August 2018

International Cat Day

8 August 2018

sleepless night!

24 July 2018

Not much sleep for me last night…I thought I was going to bed at a reasonable hour, then I saw the patio screen door had popped open on its own and neither kitty was inside! I found Midnight wandering around the outer patio so he came back inside easily, but he kept running excitedly to all the windows, so I assumed Obsidian went outside too. I searched all his inside hiding places first, since he has only gone outside once before since moving in, even when doors were standing wide open, so my guess is that he followed Midnight outside but then got into something or got scared and hid. Finding a black cat at night isn’t easy, and I heard a short cat fight a house or two over that terrified me, so after both Glen & I made several rounds around the neighborhood calling even with treats in hand, I gave up and left the patio door and bathroom window open so he could get in on his own, since Midnight can’t jump up to the window yet. I finally got to sleep with Glen consoling me and reassuring me that Siddy lived outside before, but I was more worried he’d get hurt and we wouldn’t be able to find him. I dreamed Siddy came back, woke up sad that it wasn’t real, got back to sleep, then at 6:45am I heard a window jump and ran to him to pet him and welcome him home. He snuggled in next to me but when Midnight jumped up, that quickly degraded into wrestling matches on top of me, so I never got back to sleep. I had just bought new matching name tags for both kitties that arrived last week, but now Siddy lost his entire collar already! Now he has a less comfy holographic teal collar with old clashing green nametag. Funny thing is that when I bought the green nametags in 2012, he promptly lost that whole collar inside the house within a week, and we only found it last year when rearranging furniture! Very glad both kitties are back to having inside fun, and hopefully more sleep tonight for me…

Happy Caturday!

7 July 2018

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