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2 March 2012

Uploaded camera photos into the iPad and posted successfully! Now the laptop can stay at home for my Orlando trip! Not sure if I’ll be as loquacious as my other travels only having the iPad onscreen keyboard though… 😉


Happy Holidays from Brittahytta!

28 December 2011

Here’s our annual Christmas card photo! (click to enlarge)

Happy Holidays 2011

For more details about the giant gingerbread house, see :)

Happy Holidays!

Goofy Ebony

14 November 2011

Ebony found a new comfy spot. :)


Not coming anywhere near Ebony!

25 September 2011

Knowing Ebony’s fetish for jingle bells, stealing them and losing them under furniture, these silver glitter jingle bell spiders aren’t coming anywhere near my house! Haha…


Long kitty!

16 August 2011

Onyx was quite comfy tonight! I never thought I’d have a kitty who could stretch as far as my long legs!


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