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electrical engineer cat?

6 April 2018

Last night Glen got Siddy to play with some wire from an electrical project! His hand was out in the open and Siddy still played! Notice all the toys hanging by his food that he is always too scared to play with…Glen thinks maybe he’s an electrical engineer cat. 😉

finally a cat trap that works on Obsidian!

14 March 2018


27 February 2018


12 February 2018

getting Obsidian to play?

6 February 2018

Obsidian doesn’t play with toys held by humans, so we are trying to convince him to let us to play with him. He enjoys attacking the red dot since he hasn’t figured out where it’s coming from, but we are only using the laser pointer in small doses since we’ve heard about too many animals becoming neurotic with never being able to catch that red dot. I think the wire toy he finally played with at Thanksgiving was left at my parents’ house so we will bring that back our next trip so he can actually catch something!

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