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NYC Thursday – Billy Joel!

Missed upgrades by THAT much! On our way across the country for a mini-vacation!

Only one last business class seat so Glen gave it to me! 😘 No sleep last night so I hope I can get some now…

Happy Birthday to Glen with bucket list item achieved…Billy Joel live! Fantastic concert of favorites, with an Aretha tribute by a backup singer/sax player/auxiliary percussionist woman after my own heart, an operatic guitarist, and surprise encore guest Bryan Adams! I knew Billy could play and I love his harmonies, but his keyboard skills blew me away! So glad they cut to the keyboard cam so often, and the piano turned so everyone in the sold-out stadium could see him! He truly is the Piano Man!

We chose our hotel as a short walk to Madison Square Garden since we were concerned about flight timing, airport transit into the city, checking into our hotel, then getting to the Billy Joel show on time. We found Mustang Harry’s nearby because of their cool sign, sitting in the back so our ringing ears could recover, and noticing which songs in their Billy Joel playlist were actually performed live tonight. We enjoyed my first Manhattan in Manhattan (only a bright red cherry, not proper luxardo cherry, but otherwise fine), smoky mac & cheese, and shepherds pie that all hit the spot, then back to our hotel before midnight.

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