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NYC Friday – Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Wall Street, and FROZEN!

First time on the New York Subway today from Penn Station down to Battery Park! Very glad for good air conditioning on the trains since it was a hot day today!

We got on our cruise to Liberty Island early on Friday so we were already at the Statue of Liberty before our reservation time! Glad we got the last pedestal reservation of the entire weekend just 11 days ago, but wish we knew earlier that crown access up the stairs through the statue often fills up 6 months in advance. Glen realized that if you forget your sunglasses, you must buy silly Lady Liberty ones on the boat! haha…We still had a gorgeous view of the harbor, Ellis Island, Jersey City, Brooklyn & Manhattan from just under Lady Liberty’s feet, we could look up into the internal structure of the statue, and the museum was fascinating, even though so many items were away being refurbished in advance of the new museum opening next year. Loved seeing the old 1916 window-style torch up close!

Ellis Island is a combination ticket with Liberty Island since the ferries make a round trip loop, but as long as you leave the second island in your loop before the last ferry of the day, there is no restriction how long you can stay on either island. The museum was fascinating, inspiring, and heartbreaking, especially separating families due to illness or other refusals to entry, with some staying in the Ellis Island hospital for a couple years of treatment before they could leave. We thought we could try looking up some of our ancestors, but you had to reserve 30 minutes of computer time for $7 for the same access as via the internet for free, so since we didn’t know for sure if we could find any results, we decided we could try at home. I did register for the digital certificate of visitation though!

After returning to Battery Park via the ferry, we walked a couple blocks into the Financial District, where there was a total mob around the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl statues. I waited patiently in line for a photo with the bull while others kept shoving their way in front of me, so I didn’t bother with trying for a photo with the Fearless Girl. I didn’t realize they will be moving both statues to another location nearer to the New York Stock Exchange building by the end of 2018, so glad we got our chance to see them here. I climbed up the steps to get the Wall St street sign in front of the NYSE building down the street, then we headed back on the subway to our hotel to clean up & get ready for our evening show!

(Wall Street Charging Bull & Fearless Girl: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fearless_Girl )

Friday night was my birthday present…seeing Frozen on Broadway from center orchestra row F! 😀 I wore my teal bridesmaid jewelry embellished with a tiny Elsa charm and my flowy strapless dress that is Elsa’s summer dress colors, and Glen obliged me by wearing teal too. I wanted to see the costumes & effects up close, but we were so close I couldn’t actually take a photo of the entire “carved wood” proscenium from my seat…wow! They specifically said we could take photos during the curtain call and when the show wasn’t actually onstage so I did. I enjoyed the show and several of the new songs, and the performances were excellent even though we saw alternates for Anna & Elsa, but Glen & I agreed that we thought the special effects were better in the Disneyland version in Anaheim. They unsurprisingly changed events around so that Let It Go was the Act I finale, and they used it again as the very final song, which worked well. There were other plot & character changes that were driven by being a stage production instead of animation, and those were fine. I won’t give away any actual spoilers, but probably my favorite part was the Act II opener, a giant song & dance number led by Wandering Oaken about a certain Danish word, and I was dying of laughter the entire song! I think it’ll be worth buying the soundtrack just for that song, and it will probably be worth seeing the show on it’s nationwide tour just to see that again! heehee…We enjoyed two tasty special cocktails in souvenir Frozen sippy cups, I did buy two shirts and a souvenir program, and Ticketmaster had a special collectible ornament that we had bought with our tickets, but I restrained from purchasing anything more. 😉 Look at the snowflake logo closely since it is extremely clever use of negative vs positive space!

We had a late lunch waiting for the ferry at Ellis Island, but by 10:30pm after Frozen we were hungry, so we found Sardi’s a couple doors away from the theatre. We were almost the first post-show people in there but it filled up more as we were served. Their Manhattan didn’t have a luxardo cherry either, but the food was good, and the caricatures of stars lining the walls were fun to see. We finally got back to our hotel around 12:30am, and we were both so tired from our busy day, we fell into bed!

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