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Farewell Ebony

20 January 2018

As I was flattened by a bad winter flu, Ebony had stopped eating & drinking, diagnosis a UTI on top of kidney failure like her brother Onyx. We tried treating the UTI she had in hopes that her kidney numbers could come down, but after 5 days of feeding her tasty tuna, enjoying some sunshine, and snuggling as much as possible, her breathing became labored and her blood level numbers were still so high that I ended her suffering, holding her until the end. Kitties aren’t supposed to get kidney failure at only 10 years old so there was probably something congenital in their family, such a shame. At least I had them in my life as long as I did, but it still breaks my heart to have lost both of them just over a year apart. Obsidian is now an only kitty for a while, and I’m afraid he will be lonely…

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