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kitty catchup

30 December 2017

Looks like Obsidian found the catnip inside the castle! He’s never that mellow…haha!

Glen went to his house last night and told me not to peek when he came back. After another hour or so was the big reveal…a castle cat tree! Ebony walked in, loved her new present right away, and stayed all night as Queen of the Castle enjoying the catnip, but Obsidian was so wary that he only peeked onto the shelf!

A Kitty Christmas so far, including guarding presents under the tree, “sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” and Queen of Cookie Mountain. 😸🎅🎄🎁

Ebony is becoming more demanding about hugs, so much that she is climbing up on my shoulders all by herself! When she walks around in front of my face it’s quite difficult to get anything done!

Yesterday as soon as I set the furry fleece super-soft snowflake blanket folded up on the corner of the couch, Ebony claimed it. Obsidian wants some too but he can’t get much more than a pillow’s worth. Ebony slept on the bed last night, but by this morning she was back on the blanket all day and all evening again! Glen keeps asking what is so magical about this blanket?!?

During kitty quality time tonight I finally convinced both of them to play! Ebony is an expert at the single paw technique, then she had to get up higher of course, in some of the same tilty-head poses as ten years ago when she was a kitten. You have to understand that Obsidian plays with toys all the time by tossing & batting them on his own, but any toys moved by a human have always made him run away in terror for the past 5 years including just last week…but tonight he played with the wiggly wire toy for a long time! Maybe it didn’t look like a human was involved?

Through last year the kitty treat of choice was shredded cheese when all three would come together for a snack, but ever since Onyx has been gone, Ebony comes running when she hears the cheese drawer but she looks at me funny and never eats the cheese, no matter what the flavor. Glen decided to try tuna, and boy is that AMAZINGLY tasty, and slow-eater Ebony even finishes before Obsidian and horns in on his pile! Since Ebony still shuns Glen and hides if I’m not around, Glen is now the only source of tuna treats as well as their catnip dealer. 😸

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