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Sequel Day I guess?

I saw Spider-Man 2 AND Shrek 2 with Dan, Keith & Ben all in one afternoon at the AMC Mercado, thanks to my birthday present of an AMC gift card from Nathania & Kevin…whew! Now I feel caught up at least… the last movie I saw (not counting Virgin Airlines) was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (on IMAX) of course… :)

I _really_ liked Spider-Man 2…I really can’t say whether I liked the first one better or not, since I think they are both excellently-told stories and different enough that they can each stand on their own…being severely-myopic myself, I absolutely love the whole seeing blurry through the glasses thing when his spider powers originally emerge and later return… 😉

Shrek 2 was absolutely hilarious! Worth the wait…have to get my hands on a copy of the DVD eventually just for all the storefront puns in the city of Far Far Away…we did see “Farbucks Coffee” and “Baskin & RobinHood’s”…hahaha…

Ah, but the best today was that I went shopping at TJ Maxx while I was near the Mercado, and I fit into a size 10 cute black skirt!!! 😀 I haven’t fit into anything size 10 in many moons! Granted, the size is probably mismarked, but the size 12 denim skirt I bought fits in the hips but the waist is a little big…so the end result is that I am very happy for the moment! :)

Now that I’ve eaten some dinner, back to importing tour video…


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